Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

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About Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

Spider Solitaire Two Suits game is another variant of the classic spider solitaire card game. This time the difficulty is twice as much as it is played with two suits of cards (hearts and spades) instead of just one suit. The goal is the same. You must arrange cards of the same suit in descending order and clear the tableau to win the game.


2 decks of cards of hearts and spades.

54 cards are laid out into 10 piles.

6 cards are placed in the first four columns and 5 cards in the other 6 columns.

Only the top card is faced up.

The remaining 50 cards are placed face-down at the stock pile in the top left corner.

How to play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

Place the cards in descending order. For example, you can place a 6 of club under a 7 of club or a 7 of hearts.

A group of cards can only be moved if they are of the same suit and placed in descending order.

Click on the stock button if you want to add another row of cards.

If there is no longer any available moves on the tableau, the game is over.

You can play Spider Solitaire 2 Suits in full screen for free. No download is required!

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