Klondike Classic

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About Klondike Classic

Klondike Classic is a popular classic card game. The goal is to place all cards to the four foundation piles. Each foundation has one suit and cards must be placed in ascending order starting from Ace and ending with K. 

Klondike solitaire classic is played with a 52-card deck. After shuffling, cards are placed in seven piles. The first pile contains one card, the second pile contains 2 cards, and so on, until the seventh pile contains 7 cards. Cards in columns need to be placed in descending order and alternate color. 

When a column is clear, the space can only be filled by a King or a group of cards starting from a King. If you can't find any possible move, you can click on the stock at the top left to draw more cards.

The game is over if the player can't make any meaningful moves.

Klondike Classic is totally free to play..

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