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About FreeCell

Welcome to FreeCell game, a popular solitaire card game that can be played for free online in your web browser. The goal is to move all the cards to their foundation piles on the left.

Game rules

The game uses the standard 52-card deck. On the board, there are four open cells on the left and four open foundations (or homecells) on the right. Cards are placed into eight columns. The first four columns have seven cards, while the other four have six cards each. The top card of each column (or cascade) begins a tableau.

When you move cards around in the columns, you need to place them in order from King to Ace, with alternating colors. You can place any card at the bottom in the left open cells. These cells are like temporary holders. However, you can only have one card in one open cell.

You have to plan ahead and think carefully before you move a card to put all the cards in the homecells in the required order. Cards in the homecells need to be placed from Ace to King. So if there's an ace at the bottom of the column, you can move it to a homecell.

FreeCell game is winable almost 100%. If you get stuck, use the Hint option to find available moves that can be made. You can customize game theme, background, card set, and card back in the Appearance feature.

FreeCell is one of the most popular card games available and you can play it for free on our site.

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